A Note About Episode 19 From Nate…

It’s been 6 months since my last post/rant… far too long!  After I saw what Cowan titled Episode 19, I had to say something!  First off, let the record show that the title of said episode, which is now called “Quandt & Nate Don’t Know Czech,” was originally called “Crazy True Facebook Stories.”  Now I admit, the new title is better than the original.  However, I can’t let Cowan off the hook for changing it, since the only reason he did is because he wanted to drive home the point that Quandt and I don’t know geography or world cultures!

So here we go.  Cowan is shocked and dismayed that we aren’t up to his level of geographical knowledge.  Seriously?!?!?  In this day and age, do you know how valuable a knowledge of geography is?  Take a look in the bowl after I use a Fry’s Electronics stall and you’ll get an idea of how important geographical knowledge is.  With today’s plethora of media devices right at hand, including GPS trackers and the oh-so praised iPhone and cell phones in general (providing internet and position locators even in the heart of a submarine if needs be), what good is a knowledge of geography?

Now please understand, I don’t begrudge Cowan or anyone else who has a decent knowledge of this dwindling subject.  I just don’t think it’s anything to brag about.  I used this comparison with Cowan and Quandt, and I’ll use it again.  Bragging about a common knowledge of geography is like bragging that you can run fast in flip-flops.  The skill is rarely needed, and if you do happen to ever find yourself in a position where it is needed, there will always be someone with tennis shoes (aka a media device that knows way more about geography as a whole than you ever dreamed).  It’s like a math genius bragging that he knows how to calculate 4,586 to the 15 power in his head, when I could do it faster with a calculator.  Hey!  You don’t know the fastest way to jog to San Francisco from Sac?!?!?….. *pause*……..No…… I was planning on driving…..

You get the point.  Wow!   I feel a lot better now.  Love you Cowan   ; )

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  • isaiah

    “no no pennsyl and vania have been feuding for years! they’ve been feuding for years are you freaking kidding me!” best line so far.