Chris Cowan

It started around age 6 or 7.  A Christmas gift from his parents.  It was a ten dollar tape recorder.  From that point on, Chris’ Christmas and birthday wish list always had one consistent item; blank audio tapes.  Well, that and a pack of Marlboros.  For some reason, Santa never honored his request for the smokes.

He would fill the blank tapes with recordings of variety show skits, sci-fi adventures, parodies, and goofy stories.  Cowan remembers crowding in around the tape recorder with his brother, Johnny, occasionally stopping to rewind and re-record whenever Johnny’s characters started making perverted innuendos.

Chris eventually got a camcorder and moved on from audio tapes to video tapes, filming improvised videos with his friends and family that usually ended with all the characters being killed in violent ways.

In addition to creating podcasts and videos, Cowan enjoys drawing comics, as demonstrated by some of the bizarre comics on this website.

He is the proud father of three boys, and the husband to their sexy-hot mom, Esther.  He currently works from home for a popular computer company, but his dream is to one day run away from it all and become a chinese contortionist.

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