Chris Quandt

It all started on that fateful day in 2006.  Cowan staring at his computer at work, while I stared at mine.  Both of us bored enough, or not motivated enough to be doing anything else but surfing myspace.  Then like a shot in the night, Cowan put out a cry (or more like a bulletin post on myspace) to start a podcast.  Me, being the digital minute man that I am, answered that cry without a second thought.  And so our

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 5 years.  I have loved every minute and every episode that we have created.  (Even the first few, which shall remain locked away forever)  From the conception stage to our current season, podcasting and making videos with Chris and Nate is a passion of mine.

My passions also include acting (both stage and film) shooting and editing video, audio recording and editing, watching Coen brother films, entertaining and making people laugh, listening to my favorite tunes, hanging with my family, and an ice cold glass of really good root beer.


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