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SHOCKING: A woman was yelling at a cashier. What happened next brought me to tears!

I had to share this powerful experience I had at the Dollar Tree recently. You will be changed. Continue reading →

VIDEO: A Rebuttal to President Obama’s Address on Terrorism

I think you’ll find it says exactly what we’re all thinking. Continue reading →

An Awkward Mother’s Day Song

I wrote this song for my two favorite mothers: My mom and my wife. Unfortunately, when you write one song about two very distinctly different relationships, it gets a little… uncomfortable. Continue reading →

Facebook Fools!

A few years ago, I decided to have a little April Fools Day fun on Facebook. A few people seemed to figure it out early on… And then there’s A__N. We’ll call him “Mr. Red.” Apparently, Mr. Red takes his April Fools investigations VERY seriously… Continue reading →

The Donut of Theology

A summary of approaches to religious interpretation, as applied to donuts: Today’s Text: “Donuts taste great.” Find out how various denominations and religions interpret this text! Continue reading →

Zombie Valentines

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and our love for puns), we bring you this original collection of… ZOMBIE VALENTINES! Continue reading →