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Join Chris Cowan, Nate Henderson, and Chris Quandt in this clean comedy podcast as they discuss (and mock) the gradual deterioration of modern society, from craptastic products, social network idiocy, and current events!

PM 96: I Struggle With Living In My Time Period

Quandt and Cowan make fun of pop culture trends, current events, Facebook fails, and more! Continue reading →

PM 94: No Native American Givers

Cowan’s kid has a diarrhea explosion, a restaurant is out of food, local news gets trolled, and here’s a binder on raising your kids! Continue reading →

PM 93: Gas Pump Anarchists!

Gas pump TV vigilantes, ghost towns, exploding mules, who needs salvation when you got money? And lots of facebook stupidity! Continue reading →

PM 92: Facebook Jesus Tells All!

Cowan’s son wants a black mom, Facebook fail bonanza, we say goodbye to the radio broadcast, and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Facebook Jesus! Continue reading →

PM 91: Most People are Dumb

More Fiverr self-promotion, Facebook Jesus comes as a literal thief in the night, black buns create green poo, and exploiting a sick child for “likes.” Continue reading →

Pop Mockers 90 – Facebook Jesus and the NEW New Covenant

LEGO wants you to pay for virtual Legos – If you have a crush on me, poke me! – 90% of you will fail! – Black Jesus VS Swiss Jesus – The NEW new covenant – Pastor ranter. Continue reading →

PM 89: NASA Makes Conspiracies Easy

Disney makes Nate cry, Cowan thinks advice nurses suck, news about the future of our show, you can fit a bunch of random countries into Africa, and flat earth conspiracies! Continue reading →

PM 88: The Cackle of a Dying Ostrich

Dominick on the Air talked smack about us recently. We strike back. Continue reading →

PM 87: Release the Fear-Demons!

Quandt fills in for Nate, homeschool party crashers, a spiritual twist on the 9/11 conspiracy theory, and things you shouldn’t say when a cop pulls you over. Continue reading →