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Join Chris Cowan, Nate Henderson, and Chris Quandt in this clean comedy podcast as they discuss (and mock) the gradual deterioration of modern society, from craptastic products, social network idiocy, and current events!

PM 86: There’s no O in Dumb (But there is U)

Cowan has post-apocalyptic dreams, someone gets unfriended for being “ambivalent,” a preacher goes on a vaguebook rant, our listeners chime in on what should be more offensive, and unseen movie reviews. Continue reading →

PM 85: The Naters Gonna Nate

Nate hates Taylor Swift, Transporter: Refueled tried to be more intense than it was, Facebook thinks that Labor Day is basically another Memorial Day, we introduce a new segment called “Myth Punchers” and there’s a Netflix for Christians– all starring the same guy. Continue reading →

PM 84: Racists Against Racism

Cowan’s Batman periphenalia, Say goodbye to gender, racists against racism, Auschwitz reminds people of Auschwitz. Continue reading →

PM 83: Congratulations, You’re Not Dyslexic!

TV and Movie directors don’t know how their movies end, Cowan can’t pronounce his local vietnamese restaurant, Facebook thinks you have a strong mind, a clerk decides not to do her job. Continue reading →

PM 82: Sects Education

Nate is asked to do a Satanic voice-over, Cowan explains the different sects of homeschoolers, Facebook wants you to help a fictional little girl and the media lied to you about Trayvon Martin going to Space Camp! Continue reading →

PM 81: Facebook Made God’s Job Easier

Get a Michael Flatley VHS (or not), Cowan dreams of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, we try to figure out the math behind Ashley Madison, Facebook Jesus will make you rich! Continue reading →

PM 80: A Play on Words

Cowan wants to write a new play, the fight for higher wages doesn’t pay very well, what Trump will do when he’s elected, Ashley Madison users revealed, and a new way to start conversations! Continue reading →

PM 79: Hillary Doesn’t Wipe

Cowan’s phone teaches his son a cuss word, Nate is Del Taco’s guinea pig, a sweet anniversary message turns apocalyptic, and Donald Trump is the voice of God! Continue reading →

PM 78: Don’t Run, Period.

Theme parks aren’t as fun for parents, Nate gets to represent fast food customers everywhere, a bloody disgusting marathon, and the Middle School Poetry that made Cowan’s mom think he’s gay. Continue reading →

PM 77: Leggo my LEGOs

Cowan’s son is “ironically” disobedient, Trump is like a dumb jock, Wake Up Warrior needs to wake up to the fact that they don’t know how to advertise their services, and Target wants to stop calling girls’ toys girls’ toys. Continue reading →