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Join Chris Cowan, Nate Henderson, and Chris Quandt in this clean comedy podcast as they discuss (and mock) the gradual deterioration of modern society, from craptastic products, social network idiocy, and current events!

PM 56: Selectively Ambidextrous

A mechanical spider dress, someone who doesn’t know how to start a lawn-mower, and ways to undermine the government! Continue reading →

PM 55: Live Long and Mocker

Cowan’s son has a new way of playing with a hobby horse, star trek tech is (sorta) here, and there is nothing more important than a black and white dress. Continue reading →

PM 54: Don’t Hate on Hate Crimes!

Cowan turned down a role in Back to the Future 4, and we talk about the true messages behind popular films! Continue reading →

PM 53: Fifty Shades of Miley

We talk about previews for movie previews, a twitter faux pas, and ways that the Nationwide Superbowl commercial COULD have been worse. Continue reading →

PM 52: Horriful Jank

We invent some new slang words for 2015, Homeschooler pants are IN, and Nate and Quandt give Cowan advice for turning 30 years old! Continue reading →

PM 51: Slap That Girl!

A viral video tells boys to caress– and then slap girls! Nate and Cowan talk about the crazy adventures they had during Christmas break. Continue reading →

PM 50: Quandtstrong Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAIR DATE: 12/18/2014   Weekly Updates Nate is suffering through Agents of Shield. Quandt is officially a CANCER SURVIVOR! Cowan gave his son the gift of disillusionment this Christmas!   Pop Drops This Ant Killer recipe website REALY needs to learn the value […] Continue reading →

PM 49: Crippled Christmas Sing-Along

A conservative website wants you to boycott companies who don’t celebrate Christmas as much as they should, a Facebooker finds an interesting use for their microscope, and we update some classic Christmas songs. Continue reading →

PM 48: Cussing Kids

We talk about our kids using bad words, misleading facebook photos and how to survive in a drought! Continue reading →

PM 47: Pantless for Prostates

Nate, Quandt and Cowan talk about Cowan’s son going to the ER, fishing for compliments on Facebook, and UNINTENTIONALLY scary movies! Continue reading →