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Pop Mockers

Pop Mockers is a clean pop culture comedy podcast, featuring witty commentary on current culture trends by Chris Cowan, Chris Quandt, Nate Henderson.

PM 96: I Struggle With Living In My Time Period

Retro-PopMockers-logo Quandt and Cowan make fun of pop culture trends, current events, Facebook fails, and more! Continue reading →

PM 94: No Native American Givers

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Cowan’s kid has a diarrhea explosion, a restaurant is out of food, local news gets trolled, and here’s a binder on raising your kids! Continue reading →

PM 93: Gas Pump Anarchists!

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Gas pump TV vigilantes, ghost towns, exploding mules, who needs salvation when you got money? And lots of facebook stupidity! Continue reading →

PM 92: Facebook Jesus Tells All!

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Cowan’s son wants a black mom, Facebook fail bonanza, we say goodbye to the radio broadcast, and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Facebook Jesus! Continue reading →

PM 91: Most People are Dumb

PopMockersLogo radiov5 More Fiverr self-promotion, Facebook Jesus comes as a literal thief in the night, black buns create green poo, and exploiting a sick child for “likes.” Continue reading →

Pop Mockers 90 – Facebook Jesus and the NEW New Covenant

PopMockersLogo radiov5 LEGO wants you to pay for virtual Legos – If you have a crush on me, poke me! – 90% of you will fail! – Black Jesus VS Swiss Jesus – The NEW new covenant – Pastor ranter. Continue reading →

PM 89: NASA Makes Conspiracies Easy

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Disney makes Nate cry, Cowan thinks advice nurses suck, news about the future of our show, you can fit a bunch of random countries into Africa, and flat earth conspiracies! Continue reading →

PM 88: The Cackle of a Dying Ostrich

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Dominick on the Air talked smack about us recently. We strike back. Continue reading →

PM 87: Release the Fear-Demons!

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Quandt fills in for Nate, homeschool party crashers, a spiritual twist on the 9/11 conspiracy theory, and things you shouldn’t say when a cop pulls you over. Continue reading →