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Pop Mockers

Pop Mockers is a clean pop culture comedy podcast, featuring witty commentary on current culture trends by Chris Cowan, Chris Quandt, Nate Henderson.

PM 56: Selectively Ambidextrous

A mechanical spider dress, someone who doesn’t know how to start a lawn-mower, and ways to undermine the government! Continue reading →

PM 55: Live Long and Mocker

Cowan’s son has a new way of playing with a hobby horse, star trek tech is (sorta) here, and there is nothing more important than a black and white dress. Continue reading →

PM 54: Don’t Hate on Hate Crimes!

Cowan turned down a role in Back to the Future 4, and we talk about the true messages behind popular films! Continue reading →

PM 53: Fifty Shades of Miley

We talk about previews for movie previews, a twitter faux pas, and ways that the Nationwide Superbowl commercial COULD have been worse. Continue reading →

PM 52: Horriful Jank

We invent some new slang words for 2015, Homeschooler pants are IN, and Nate and Quandt give Cowan advice for turning 30 years old! Continue reading →

PM 51: Slap That Girl!

A viral video tells boys to caress– and then slap girls! Nate and Cowan talk about the crazy adventures they had during Christmas break. Continue reading →

PM 50: Quandtstrong Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAIR DATE: 12/18/2014   Weekly Updates Nate is suffering through Agents of Shield. Quandt is officially a CANCER SURVIVOR! Cowan gave his son the gift of disillusionment this Christmas!   Pop Drops This Ant Killer recipe website REALY needs to learn the value […] Continue reading →

PM 49: Crippled Christmas Sing-Along

A conservative website wants you to boycott companies who don’t celebrate Christmas as much as they should, a Facebooker finds an interesting use for their microscope, and we update some classic Christmas songs. Continue reading →

PM 48: Cussing Kids

We talk about our kids using bad words, misleading facebook photos and how to survive in a drought! Continue reading →

PM 47: Pantless for Prostates

Nate, Quandt and Cowan talk about Cowan’s son going to the ER, fishing for compliments on Facebook, and UNINTENTIONALLY scary movies! Continue reading →