Episode 18: Prepare for The End

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On this episode:

– The Breakroom guys write a valentine’s poem

– Craptastic Product: The Towel You Can Wear:

– How to prepare for the end of the world

Crazy man’s links:
Google: Solar maximum 2012

– Intro & Outro music provided by The Royaltons
– “Spunkmeyer’s Valentine” by Nate Henderson
– “Learning to Tweet with Pete”  by Chris quandt

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  • Hey, the Morgan Freeman factoid was disturbing, to say the least. I immediately searched for it, and of course found a slew of blogs about it. But I didn’t find any actual news sources, until I eventually found that the apparent original article was from the National Enquirer, which reduces my willingness to believe it to pretty much nil. There was some followup (from some blog) reporting that he denied it, but it lacked details. Have you seen any better sources? I’d be interested in hearing something more definite one way or another. Sure gave me a start, anyway.