PM 79: Hillary Doesn’t Wipe

Cowan’s phone teaches his son a cuss word, Nate is Del Taco’s guinea pig, a sweet anniversary message turns apocalyptic, and Donald Trump is the voice of God! Continue reading →

PM 78: Don’t Run, Period.

Theme parks aren’t as fun for parents, Nate gets to represent fast food customers everywhere, a bloody disgusting marathon, and the Middle School Poetry that made Cowan’s mom think he’s gay. Continue reading →

PM 77: Leggo my LEGOs

Cowan’s son is “ironically” disobedient, Trump is like a dumb jock, Wake Up Warrior needs to wake up to the fact that they don’t know how to advertise their services, and Target wants to stop calling girls’ toys girls’ toys. Continue reading →

PM 76: Raymond Sting

Cowan left on vacation and everything changed. Nate has another drive-through story. Cowan is tired of the mustache-as-decoration. Continue reading →

PM 75: The Tom Hanks of Taco Bell

Cowan fell asleep at a bar, Nate met the Tom Hanks of Taco Bell. Lexus did NOT introduce a Back to the Future hoverboard. Once again, it is up to a Facebook post to decide your salvation! Right wing Facebook vomit! News you can’t use! Continue reading →

PM 74: Spoon With Us!

Cowan is joined by two of his brothers as they talk about middle school poetry, stupid hashtag trends and Cecil the Lion. Continue reading →

PM 73: Earwax Lavage

Guest Josh Rolph joins us. Josh and Nate talk about earwax removal. Cowan’s son “mauled” his sunday school homework. Middle School Choose Your Own Adventure. Only ‘hate-filled idiots” have any reason to worry. Had an affair? Beware! Continue reading →

PM 72: Mafia Mammaries

The Cobbler is Adam Sandler’s worst film yet! The Supranos is rated DD. More Middle School Poetry! Have you heard about the manipulative news of Facebook Jesus? What made-up condition do our listeners have? Continue reading →

PM 71: This Gets Dark

Cowan improvises a song for a listener, Amazon Prime Day was a bust, and someone on Facebook calls the Planned Parenthood video fake propaganda, even though they’re totally fine with everything in it. Continue reading →

PM 70: Brace Yourself

Nate’s son is a disneyland daredevil – Quandt has to get clippers out of a full toilet – Teenagers want braces – More confederate controversy – The rainbow belongs to God – A pastor sets himself on fire to inspire Justice Continue reading →