PM 69: The Slaves Would Have Moved

Emotions we all feel but don’t have a name for, What would happen if the confederates had won, and Middle School Poetry. Continue reading →

PM 68: I Saw You Naked

Naked Hippies, Facebook reacts to Gay Marriage, and CoffeeMate disillusionment. Continue reading →

PM 67 070115: Me-so-phony-a

We get Snoped – New State Fair Foods! – Misophonia is the hottest new rare condition! – Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man, and more! Continue reading →

PM 66 062515: Chappie’s Desperate

Panties for Periods – Father’s Day cards for broken people – Jake Lloyd’s crazy podrace AND MORE! Continue reading →


We’ve got some pretty exciting news to share, so here we are, sharing it! Continue reading →

PM 65: Cowan is a Prophet

Daniel J Lewis from the podcast network joins us as we talk about Cowan’s new transracial lifestyle, racism on Facebook and reasons to homeschool. Continue reading →

PM 64: What’s Trapped In YOUR Body?

Cowan talks about his adventures in Hawaii, God wants you to share another manipulative Facebook post, and if Bruce Jenner is a woman trapped in a man’s body, then what ELSE might be trapped in your body? Continue reading →

PM 63: Quandt and Nate UNCENSORED!

Quandt and Nate take over while Cowan is on vacation, but that doesn’t stop Cowan from showing up… in the form of Facebook Police. Quandt finally learns WHY he should see Star Wars for the first time. Continue reading →

PM 62: Pirates are Basically Isis

North Korea has progressed technologically, but not how you would think, and find out how you can be an ordained bishop, apostle or even a prophet! Continue reading →