PM 61: Work the Soda System

It’s a Pop Drops and Facebook Police smorgasbord as we talk about religious comic book zealots, “The Room” movie, homeless people giving out money, sexism on the tennis court… and LIBERALS!!! Continue reading →

PM 60: 19 Kids & Hoarding

19 Kids & Counting has a (non)-surprise, Josh Rolph joins us, and we talk about people OTHER than nice guys who finish last! Continue reading →

PM 59: Taking Back Gay

Cowan wants to start a new religion, Nate nearly clubbed someone at Sam’s Club, we help a listener differentiate between Pixar and DreamWorks, and we discuss NEW things to be outraged about! Continue reading →

PM 58: Heaven is for Racists

We talk about people live-tweeting about “My 600 Lb Life,” Facebook bullies who don’t like being bullied and ways to make sports more interesting and relevant. Continue reading →

PM 57: My Shower With Nate

We talk about the most disappointing Doctor Octopus, Amazon Dash, Jesus Jukes on Facebook and inappropriate April Fools pranks! Continue reading →

PM 56: Selectively Ambidextrous

A mechanical spider dress, someone who doesn’t know how to start a lawn-mower, and ways to undermine the government! Continue reading →

PM 55: Live Long and Mocker

Cowan’s son has a new way of playing with a hobby horse, star trek tech is (sorta) here, and there is nothing more important than a black and white dress. Continue reading →

PM 54: Don’t Hate on Hate Crimes!

Cowan turned down a role in Back to the Future 4, and we talk about the true messages behind popular films! Continue reading →

PM 53: Fifty Shades of Miley

We talk about previews for movie previews, a twitter faux pas, and ways that the Nationwide Superbowl commercial COULD have been worse. Continue reading →

PM 52: Horriful Jank

We invent some new slang words for 2015, Homeschooler pants are IN, and Nate and Quandt give Cowan advice for turning 30 years old! Continue reading →