PM 51: Slap That Girl!

Superhero kid A viral video tells boys to caress– and then slap girls! Nate and Cowan talk about the crazy adventures they had during Christmas break. Continue reading →

PM 50: Quandtstrong

50-QuandtStrong b Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAIR DATE: 12/18/2014   Weekly Updates Nate is suffering through Agents of Shield. Quandt is officially a CANCER SURVIVOR! Cowan gave his son the gift of disillusionment this Christmas!   Pop Drops This Ant Killer recipe website REALY needs to learn the value of […] Continue reading →

PM 49: Crippled Christmas Sing-Along

49-crippledchristmas A conservative website wants you to boycott companies who don’t celebrate Christmas as much as they should, a Facebooker finds an interesting use for their microscope, and we update some classic Christmas songs. Continue reading →

PM 48: Cussing Kids

48-cussing kids We talk about our kids using bad words, misleading facebook photos and how to survive in a drought! Continue reading →

PM 47: Pantless for Prostates

47-pantless Nate, Quandt and Cowan talk about Cowan’s son going to the ER, fishing for compliments on Facebook, and UNINTENTIONALLY scary movies! Continue reading →

PM 46: Moroni Drinks Slurpees

46 Moroni Drinks Slurpees Josh Rolph guest hosts on this episode. We discuss Mormon quirks, Quandt’s creepy birthday video, “sexist” dress codes and terrible campaign slogans! Continue reading →

PM 45: I’m a Pretty, Pretty Princess

Pretty-pretty-Princess Cowan finds out he can get Quandt to say whatever he wants. Andy Lamb joins us as we talk about “sexist” t-shirts, airing your marital problems on Facebook, and movies that should have ended differently. Continue reading →

PM 44: The Five People You Meet In Heck

44-Heck Based on our incredibly flawed, vague and subjective moral standards, we discuss the people we would expect to meet in “Heck,” an uncomfortably warm place where the only TV show is “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” reruns. Continue reading →

PM 43: Cooking with the Donner Party

donner cooking Find out about our BRAND NEW podcast (and how you can get a free E-Book)! We also discuss hate for VeggieTales, how to bring any conversation down, and ideas for the worst podcasts ever! Continue reading →

PM 42: Parkinsons Pirate

parkinsons-pirate The Pop Mockers crew guest starred on Dominick on the Air, a t-shirt company is capitalizing off of a lack of creativity, and we tweak with movie names to change the plot completely. Continue reading →