PM 41: Too Old To Fight Ageism

old dj LinkedIn pours salt on Quandt’s employment wound, the LootCrate trend is a genius scam, and we discuss the stupid youth campaigns sponsored by Continue reading →

PM 40: Forty and Alone

forty and alone Cowan flies solo and discusses Burger King’s expatriation, LegoLand parents and Joel Osteen’s wife while Quandt and Nate are out! Continue reading →

PM 39: The Love Guru 2

love guru 2 Cowans’ wife makes an inappropriate comment about Nate and we discuss movie sequels they should never make. Continue reading →

PM 38: Front Butt

front butt Cowan’s son is drawing crude pictures, we pay respect to Robin Williams, and we talk about childhood toys we would play still play with. Continue reading →

PM 37: Steampunk Female Sub Zero Cosplay

female steampunk sub zero We talk about cosplayers, Cowan throws his sister under the Facebook Police bus, and in honor of The San Diego Comic-Con, we have some great ideas for new niché conventions! Continue reading →

PM 36: Hooter Hider

hooter hider Hollywood bigshot Dominick Brascia of Dominick on the Air joins us on this hilarious (but PG-13) episode! Continue reading →

PM 35: Your Beauty Standards Suck!

beauty standards Listener voicemails abound! Nate has bizarre experiences standing in line! We learn that your beauty standards suck and you should feel bad for thinking only certain people are pretty! Continue reading →

PM 34: The Ground Is Pooping

ground-is-pooping Quandt is cheating on us, people on Facebook share too much, and we talk about the best ways to show our true ‘Merican spirit this 4th of July! Continue reading →

PM 33: Manifest Density

abelincoln Nate and Cowan are very excited about the Taco Bell “quesarito”! Cowan’s son is finally into legos! Someone on Facebook takes credit for Quandt’s recent acting success. Did Abe Lincoln Really Exist? Continue reading →

PM 32: Sexy Birth Guru

featured image The robot revolution starts in Japan, we learn about gurus who can teach you how to make childbirth more sexy, and we share some down-to-earth advice for this year’s graduates. Continue reading →