PM 31: Midgets in our Bed

On this episode: 1. Gluten is a LIE 2. Beware of internet acronyms! 3. Parenting facts that will blow your mind! Continue reading →

PM 30: The Worst Movie Endings Ever

SPOILERS! We discuss some of the worst movie endings ever! Don’t worry; you’ve probably already seen these films, or shouldn’t bother! Continue reading →

PM 29: Dads Are Better Than Moms

Cowan improvs a thank you song to our first Patreon supporter – Quandt has ONLY SEEN STAR WARS ONE TIME – We explain why Dads are better than Moms! Continue reading →

PM Rewind 2 – MadCast: Star Trekkin’

This week, we were unable to record a new episode. So, instead, we’re releasing one of our much earlier podcast episodes, circa 2007: The MadCast S2E7 In this freeform episode, Quandt, Cowan and Nate talk about all kinds of things, including extreme Star Trek fans. Continue reading →

An Awkward Mother’s Day Song

I wrote this song for my two favorite mothers: My mom and my wife. Unfortunately, when you write one song about two very distinctly different relationships, it gets a little… uncomfortable. Continue reading →

PM 28: Ridiculous Ways to Save the Planet

On this episode: – Mother’s Day Manipulation! – Facebook Fail Rewind! – Ridiculous Ways to Save the Planet! Continue reading →

PM 27: Stupid Disney Theories

On this episode: We are holding the live video stream ransom! – A briefing on Cowan’s ex. – Stupid Disney Theories Continue reading →

PM 26: 5 Things You Should Never Ask A Vegan – #2 Will Blow Your Mind!

Dan Piraro, creator of the Bizarro comic strip joins the show! We come up with the stupidest questions you can ever ask a vegan! Continue reading →

PM 25: If We Could Go Back to High School

Coming up on Pop Mockers… 1. John from Albuquerque reveals all! 2. Facebook proselytizer! 3. Things we’d do differently in high school Continue reading →

Facebook Fools!

A few years ago, I decided to have a little April Fools Day fun on Facebook. A few people seemed to figure it out early on… And then there’s A__N. We’ll call him “Mr. Red.” Apparently, Mr. Red takes his April Fools investigations VERY seriously… Continue reading →