PM 31: Midgets in our Bed

midgets in my bed On this episode: 1. Gluten is a LIE 2. Beware of internet acronyms! 3. Parenting facts that will blow your mind! Continue reading →

PM 30: The Worst Movie Endings Ever

worst movie endings SPOILERS! We discuss some of the worst movie endings ever! Don’t worry; you’ve probably already seen these films, or shouldn’t bother! Continue reading →

PM 29: Dads Are Better Than Moms

dads vs moms Cowan improvs a thank you song to our first Patreon supporter – Quandt has ONLY SEEN STAR WARS ONE TIME – We explain why Dads are better than Moms! Continue reading →

PM Rewind 2 – MadCast: Star Trekkin’

PM Rewind-MadCast This week, we were unable to record a new episode. So, instead, we’re releasing one of our much earlier podcast episodes, circa 2007: The MadCast S2E7 In this freeform episode, Quandt, Cowan and Nate talk about all kinds of things, including extreme Star Trek fans. Continue reading →

An Awkward Mother’s Day Song

mother's day song I wrote this song for my two favorite mothers: My mom and my wife. Unfortunately, when you write one song about two very distinctly different relationships, it gets a little… uncomfortable. Continue reading →

PM 28: Ridiculous Ways to Save the Planet

toilet earth On this episode: – Mother’s Day Manipulation! – Facebook Fail Rewind! – Ridiculous Ways to Save the Planet! Continue reading →

PM 27: Stupid Disney Theories

disneytheories On this episode: We are holding the live video stream ransom! – A briefing on Cowan’s ex. – Stupid Disney Theories Continue reading →

PM 26: 5 Things You Should Never Ask A Vegan – #2 Will Blow Your Mind!

vegan Dan Piraro, creator of the Bizarro comic strip joins the show! We come up with the stupidest questions you can ever ask a vegan! Continue reading →

PM 25: If We Could Go Back to High School

high school Coming up on Pop Mockers… 1. John from Albuquerque reveals all! 2. Facebook proselytizer! 3. Things we’d do differently in high school Continue reading →

Facebook Fools!

02 A few years ago, I decided to have a little April Fools Day fun on Facebook. A few people seemed to figure it out early on… And then there’s A__N. We’ll call him “Mr. Red.” Apparently, Mr. Red takes his April Fools investigations VERY seriously… Continue reading →