PM 24: Will Disney Ruin Star Wars?

On this episode: 1. Guest host Michael Prince! 2. John from Albuquerque returns! 3. Will Disney Ruin Star Wars? Continue reading →

PM Rewind 1 – MadCast: The Final Showdown

This week, we were unable to record a new episode. So, instead, we’re releasing one of our much earlier podcast episodes, circa 2007: The MadCast #14 Continue reading →

PM 23: How To Survive World War 3

On this episode: – A passerby accuses us of being conservatives! – Strangers Smooching – How we plan to survive World War 3! Continue reading →

PM 22: Does This Make Us Sound Desperate?

On this episode: – Back to the Back to the Future Hoverboard? – Aliens in Afghanistan – Reasons you SHOULD leave us an iTunes review! Continue reading →

The Donut of Theology

A summary of approaches to religious interpretation, as applied to donuts: Today’s Text: “Donuts taste great.” Find out how various denominations and religions interpret this text! Continue reading →

PM 21: New Oscar Categories

On this Episode of Pop Mockers… 1. Billy Bob Thornton is a jerk 2. A facebook situation we can all relate to! 3. Oscar Categories WE would like to see! Continue reading →

PM 20: Olympic Games We Would Watch

On this Episode: 1. The Tonight Show Torch is Passed 2. A not-so-vague hint about vaguebooking 3. Olympic sports we would actually watch! Continue reading →

Zombie Valentines

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and our love for puns), we bring you this original collection of… ZOMBIE VALENTINES! Continue reading →

PM 19: My (Not So) Funny Valentine

On this Episode: 1. Our thoughts on Vampire Academy 2. STOP WITH THE BITSTRIPS 3. Nate & Quandt’s not-so-funny Valentine Continue reading →