PM 40: Forty and Alone

AIR DATE: 9/3/2014
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Weekly Updates

– Cowan is flying solo for this episode

– Going to Legoland helped Cowan feel like an awesome parent… but not for the reasons you think!

– Cowan’s Ice Bucket Challenge Fail video is now “Buzzfeed famous” (See #8)!

– He got featured on the front page of Fiverr!

– His voice was used in a hacked “smart” toy phone:

– Cowan’s son is finally “like a man”!

Pop Drops

– Burger King is moving to Canada!

– Victoria Osteen says, “we worship for ourselves”:


Facebook Police

Even more Ice Bucket Challenge haters on Facebook (Submitted by listener Joe):



Weekly Topic

Cowan lists the million of reasons it’s great to do a podcast all by himself and he doesn’t need any co-hosts!


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