Pop Mockers 01: Jesus VS Satan

Pop Mockers: A clean pop culture comedy podcast from the Breakroom Studios Podcast Network that makes fun of all things pop culture and social media.

Pop Mockers Comedy Podcast – Episode 1: Jesus VS Satan

On This Episode:

1. Jesus versus Satan

2.Crappy gifts for the First Worlder in YOUR family!

3. Religious Reposts!

This just in:

Prior to Whitney Houston’s passing, many friends said she was very happy, and even witnessed her “cracking up”!

Facebook Police
“Where we police facebook”

We had no idea this sort of thing could be resolved via Facebook votes!











Craptastic Product
“where we talk about craptastic products/or people capitalizing on stupid stuff”

FirstWorldLiving.com: First world solutions to First world problems.


Weekly Rant
“Where we choose a random topic… and talk about it”

Despite being a Christian himself, Cowan despises religious/inspirational reposts, including:

– “clever” quotes by God:

"As my apprentice, you're never fired." - God










– A First Worlder’s Conversation with Jesus

“This is the Stuff” by Francesca Battistelli


If you have content suggestions for future episodes, please let us know!

  • Instrumentally

    Congrats on your first episode my friends. I enjoyed this very much. More please!