Pop Mockers 09: Selfish Super Powers

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Pop Mockers Comedy Podcast – Episode 9: Selfish Super Powers

This episode sponsored by Yoshitane Akiyama and Kazuaki Kasai

On This Episode:

1. Hair only a murderer could love
2. Soap for dopes
3. Top 5 selfish superpowers
And this just in:
This week is bully week! Be sure to let your local bully know how much you appreciate him.

Facebook Police


Don’t wear clothes, have a psychiatrist, or be white, either, since that’ll probably make people think of James Holmes.

Craptastic Product
“where we talk about craptastic products”

Weekly Rant
“Where we choose a random topic… and talk about it”

Top 5 Selfish Super-Powers We’d Like To Have


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