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PM 91: Most People are Dumb

More Fiverr self-promotion, Facebook Jesus comes as a literal thief in the night, black buns create green poo, and exploiting a sick child for “likes.” Continue reading →

PM 58: Heaven is for Racists

We talk about people live-tweeting about “My 600 Lb Life,” Facebook bullies who don’t like being bullied and ways to make sports more interesting and relevant. Continue reading →

PM 57: My Shower With Nate

We talk about the most disappointing Doctor Octopus, Amazon Dash, Jesus Jukes on Facebook and inappropriate April Fools pranks! Continue reading →

PM 47: Pantless for Prostates

Nate, Quandt and Cowan talk about Cowan’s son going to the ER, fishing for compliments on Facebook, and UNINTENTIONALLY scary movies! Continue reading →

PM 44: The Five People You Meet In Heck

Based on our incredibly flawed, vague and subjective moral standards, we discuss the people we would expect to meet in “Heck,” an uncomfortably warm place where the only TV show is “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” reruns. Continue reading →

PM 43: Cooking with the Donner Party

Find out about our BRAND NEW podcast (and how you can get a free E-Book)! We also discuss hate for VeggieTales, how to bring any conversation down, and ideas for the worst podcasts ever! Continue reading →

PM 40: Forty and Alone

Cowan flies solo and discusses Burger King’s expatriation, LegoLand parents and Joel Osteen’s wife while Quandt and Nate are out! Continue reading →

PM 39: The Love Guru 2

Cowans’ wife makes an inappropriate comment about Nate and we discuss movie sequels they should never make. Continue reading →

PM 33: Manifest Density

Nate and Cowan are very excited about the Taco Bell “quesarito”! Cowan’s son is finally into legos! Someone on Facebook takes credit for Quandt’s recent acting success. Did Abe Lincoln Really Exist? Continue reading →

PM 32: Sexy Birth Guru

The robot revolution starts in Japan, we learn about gurus who can teach you how to make childbirth more sexy, and we share some down-to-earth advice for this year’s graduates. Continue reading →