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PM 89: NASA Makes Conspiracies Easy

Disney makes Nate cry, Cowan thinks advice nurses suck, news about the future of our show, you can fit a bunch of random countries into Africa, and flat earth conspiracies! Continue reading →

PM 70: Brace Yourself

Nate’s son is a disneyland daredevil – Quandt has to get clippers out of a full toilet – Teenagers want braces – More confederate controversy – The rainbow belongs to God – A pastor sets himself on fire to inspire Justice Continue reading →

PM 62: Pirates are Basically Isis

North Korea has progressed technologically, but not how you would think, and find out how you can be an ordained bishop, apostle or even a prophet! Continue reading →

PM 54: Don’t Hate on Hate Crimes!

Cowan turned down a role in Back to the Future 4, and we talk about the true messages behind popular films! Continue reading →

PM 49: Crippled Christmas Sing-Along

A conservative website wants you to boycott companies who don’t celebrate Christmas as much as they should, a Facebooker finds an interesting use for their microscope, and we update some classic Christmas songs. Continue reading →

PM 24: Will Disney Ruin Star Wars?

On this episode: 1. Guest host Michael Prince! 2. John from Albuquerque returns! 3. Will Disney Ruin Star Wars? Continue reading →