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PM 96: I Struggle With Living In My Time Period

Quandt and Cowan make fun of pop culture trends, current events, Facebook fails, and more! Continue reading →

PM 79: Hillary Doesn’t Wipe

Cowan’s phone teaches his son a cuss word, Nate is Del Taco’s guinea pig, a sweet anniversary message turns apocalyptic, and Donald Trump is the voice of God! Continue reading →

PM 74: Spoon With Us!

Cowan is joined by two of his brothers as they talk about middle school poetry, stupid hashtag trends and Cecil the Lion. Continue reading →

PM 72: Mafia Mammaries

The Cobbler is Adam Sandler’s worst film yet! The Supranos is rated DD. More Middle School Poetry! Have you heard about the manipulative news of Facebook Jesus? What made-up condition do our listeners have? Continue reading →

PM 66 062515: Chappie’s Desperate

Panties for Periods – Father’s Day cards for broken people – Jake Lloyd’s crazy podrace AND MORE! Continue reading →

PM 64: What’s Trapped In YOUR Body?

Cowan talks about his adventures in Hawaii, God wants you to share another manipulative Facebook post, and if Bruce Jenner is a woman trapped in a man’s body, then what ELSE might be trapped in your body? Continue reading →

PM 59: Taking Back Gay

Cowan wants to start a new religion, Nate nearly clubbed someone at Sam’s Club, we help a listener differentiate between Pixar and DreamWorks, and we discuss NEW things to be outraged about! Continue reading →

PM 58: Heaven is for Racists

We talk about people live-tweeting about “My 600 Lb Life,” Facebook bullies who don’t like being bullied and ways to make sports more interesting and relevant. Continue reading →

PM 53: Fifty Shades of Miley

We talk about previews for movie previews, a twitter faux pas, and ways that the Nationwide Superbowl commercial COULD have been worse. Continue reading →

PM 52: Horriful Jank

We invent some new slang words for 2015, Homeschooler pants are IN, and Nate and Quandt give Cowan advice for turning 30 years old! Continue reading →