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PM 93: Gas Pump Anarchists!

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Gas pump TV vigilantes, ghost towns, exploding mules, who needs salvation when you got money? And lots of facebook stupidity! Continue reading →

PM 63: Quandt and Nate UNCENSORED!

63-quandt_nate_uncensored Quandt and Nate take over while Cowan is on vacation, but that doesn’t stop Cowan from showing up… in the form of Facebook Police. Quandt finally learns WHY he should see Star Wars for the first time. Continue reading →

PM 40: Forty and Alone

forty and alone Cowan flies solo and discusses Burger King’s expatriation, LegoLand parents and Joel Osteen’s wife while Quandt and Nate are out! Continue reading →

PM 33: Manifest Density

abelincoln Nate and Cowan are very excited about the Taco Bell “quesarito”! Cowan’s son is finally into legos! Someone on Facebook takes credit for Quandt’s recent acting success. Did Abe Lincoln Really Exist? Continue reading →

PM 32: Sexy Birth Guru

featured image The robot revolution starts in Japan, we learn about gurus who can teach you how to make childbirth more sexy, and we share some down-to-earth advice for this year’s graduates. Continue reading →

Facebook Fools!

02 A few years ago, I decided to have a little April Fools Day fun on Facebook. A few people seemed to figure it out early on… And then there’s A__N. We’ll call him “Mr. Red.” Apparently, Mr. Red takes his April Fools investigations VERY seriously… Continue reading →

PM 14: 2014 Resolutions for Nate

Swift- popmockersx1400.jpg Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS On this episode of Pop Mockers 1. Existential Train Conversations 2. Henderson is a Facebook WHORE 3. Three Resolutions for Nate Henderson Pop Drops: Cowan talks about listening to college freshmen having pointless existential conversations. Quandt is starting a brand new viral trend: […] Continue reading →

No Show 56: The End

logo2 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS             Episode 56, February 10th, 2012 Facebook Police: Facebook Cancer/Nicotine Burrito Craptastic Product: “Reusable Disposable Cups” Weekly Rant: No Show is ending, but stay tuned for our new podcast; Pop Mockers! Coming Up Next: “That Annoying Neighbor” by Chris Cowan No […] Continue reading →

47: Craptastic Bonanza

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Air Date: 5/6/2011 On this Episode: – Hank & Hal: “Hal Is Sent A Broad” – Written by Chris Cowan – Facebook Police: “Quote Yourself” – Craptastic Product/Weekly Topic: Craptastic Product Bonanza! Shed Vac – As Seen On TV Prana – nail mat. […] Continue reading →