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PM 91: Most People are Dumb

PopMockersLogo radiov5 More Fiverr self-promotion, Facebook Jesus comes as a literal thief in the night, black buns create green poo, and exploiting a sick child for “likes.” Continue reading →

PM 82: Sects Education

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Nate is asked to do a Satanic voice-over, Cowan explains the different sects of homeschoolers, Facebook wants you to help a fictional little girl and the media lied to you about Trayvon Martin going to Space Camp! Continue reading →

PM 81: Facebook Made God’s Job Easier

PopMockersLogo radiov5 Get a Michael Flatley VHS (or not), Cowan dreams of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, we try to figure out the math behind Ashley Madison, Facebook Jesus will make you rich! Continue reading →

PM 65: Cowan is a Prophet

65-cowanprophet Daniel J Lewis from the podcast network joins us as we talk about Cowan’s new transracial lifestyle, racism on Facebook and reasons to homeschool. Continue reading →

PM 45: I’m a Pretty, Pretty Princess

Pretty-pretty-Princess Cowan finds out he can get Quandt to say whatever he wants. Andy Lamb joins us as we talk about “sexist” t-shirts, airing your marital problems on Facebook, and movies that should have ended differently. Continue reading →

PM 40: Forty and Alone

forty and alone Cowan flies solo and discusses Burger King’s expatriation, LegoLand parents and Joel Osteen’s wife while Quandt and Nate are out! Continue reading →