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PM 92: Facebook Jesus Tells All!

Cowan’s son wants a black mom, Facebook fail bonanza, we say goodbye to the radio broadcast, and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Facebook Jesus! Continue reading →

PM 91: Most People are Dumb

More Fiverr self-promotion, Facebook Jesus comes as a literal thief in the night, black buns create green poo, and exploiting a sick child for “likes.” Continue reading →

Pop Mockers 90 – Facebook Jesus and the NEW New Covenant

LEGO wants you to pay for virtual Legos – If you have a crush on me, poke me! – 90% of you will fail! – Black Jesus VS Swiss Jesus – The NEW new covenant – Pastor ranter. Continue reading →

PM 72: Mafia Mammaries

The Cobbler is Adam Sandler’s worst film yet! The Supranos is rated DD. More Middle School Poetry! Have you heard about the manipulative news of Facebook Jesus? What made-up condition do our listeners have? Continue reading →

PM 50: Quandtstrong Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAIR DATE: 12/18/2014   Weekly Updates Nate is suffering through Agents of Shield. Quandt is officially a CANCER SURVIVOR! Cowan gave his son the gift of disillusionment this Christmas!   Pop Drops This Ant Killer recipe website REALY needs to learn the value […] Continue reading →