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SHOCKING: A woman was yelling at a cashier. What happened next brought me to tears!

I had to share this powerful experience I had at the Dollar Tree recently. You will be changed. Continue reading →

PM 49: Crippled Christmas Sing-Along

A conservative website wants you to boycott companies who don’t celebrate Christmas as much as they should, a Facebooker finds an interesting use for their microscope, and we update some classic Christmas songs. Continue reading →

PM 42: Parkinsons Pirate

The Pop Mockers crew guest starred on Dominick on the Air, a t-shirt company is capitalizing off of a lack of creativity, and we tweak with movie names to change the plot completely. Continue reading →

The Donut of Theology

A summary of approaches to religious interpretation, as applied to donuts: Today’s Text: “Donuts taste great.” Find out how various denominations and religions interpret this text! Continue reading →

Things I’ve Learned About Podcasting

Recently, I’ve been emailing back and forth with a newer podcaster. Through the course of our conversations, I gave him some suggestions that I’ve learned through observation, experience, and from listening to more experienced podcasters.  Being a podcaster for almost 5  years, I’ve learned a lot about what not to do, and think it’s worth […] Continue reading →