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PM 92: Facebook Jesus Tells All!

Cowan’s son wants a black mom, Facebook fail bonanza, we say goodbye to the radio broadcast, and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Facebook Jesus! Continue reading →

Dominick on the Air makes fun of Pop Mockers

On a recent edition of the Dominick on the Air radio show, which is co-hosted by former Pop Mockers co-host, Chris Quandt, Dominick and Jeanne had some rather “harsh” feedback for us. Quandt sat back without defending us one bit. On our 9/23/2015 broadcast, we will respond. Continue reading →


We’ve got some pretty exciting news to share, so here we are, sharing it! Continue reading →

PM 36: Hooter Hider

Hollywood bigshot Dominick Brascia of Dominick on the Air joins us on this hilarious (but PG-13) episode! Continue reading →