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PM 96: I Struggle With Living In My Time Period

Retro-PopMockers-logo Quandt and Cowan make fun of pop culture trends, current events, Facebook fails, and more! Continue reading →

Pop Mockers 90 – Facebook Jesus and the NEW New Covenant

PopMockersLogo radiov5 LEGO wants you to pay for virtual Legos – If you have a crush on me, poke me! – 90% of you will fail! – Black Jesus VS Swiss Jesus – The NEW new covenant – Pastor ranter. Continue reading →

PM 41: Too Old To Fight Ageism

old dj LinkedIn pours salt on Quandt’s employment wound, the LootCrate trend is a genius scam, and we discuss the stupid youth campaigns sponsored by Continue reading →

PM 33: Manifest Density

abelincoln Nate and Cowan are very excited about the Taco Bell “quesarito”! Cowan’s son is finally into legos! Someone on Facebook takes credit for Quandt’s recent acting success. Did Abe Lincoln Really Exist? Continue reading →

PM 20: Olympic Games We Would Watch

olympic pop mockers On this Episode: 1. The Tonight Show Torch is Passed 2. A not-so-vague hint about vaguebooking 3. Olympic sports we would actually watch! Continue reading →

Pop Mockers 01: Jesus VS Satan

pop-mockers Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Pop Mockers Comedy Podcast – Episode 1: Jesus VS Satan On This Episode: 1. Jesus versus Satan 2.Crappy gifts for the First Worlder in YOUR family! 3. Religious Reposts! This just in: Prior to Whitney Houston’s passing, many friends said she was very […] Continue reading →