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VIDEO: A Rebuttal to President Obama’s Address on Terrorism

I think you’ll find it says exactly what we’re all thinking. Continue reading →

PM 63: Quandt and Nate UNCENSORED!

Quandt and Nate take over while Cowan is on vacation, but that doesn’t stop Cowan from showing up… in the form of Facebook Police. Quandt finally learns WHY he should see Star Wars for the first time. Continue reading →

An Awkward Mother’s Day Song

I wrote this song for my two favorite mothers: My mom and my wife. Unfortunately, when you write one song about two very distinctly different relationships, it gets a little… uncomfortable. Continue reading →

Leave us an iTunes Review!

BNN has finally been added to the iTunes podcast directory!  Please stop by and leave us a review there! Doing so will help us to continue being awesome! Continue reading →